This Is No Joke Reprint

Just in case you missed this article in last week's News and Events section, I am placing it in this blog because the subject is too significant to be overlooked. You can check out additional revelations in subsequent New York Times articles. The Truth's Voice article resulted from the Times initial installment on Trump's taxes.

This Is No Joke



According to the New York Times, that is the scant amount of federal income tax the President of the United States paid in 2016 and 2017. The latter is his first year in the White House.

There are so many ironies here that if it were not written in what is deemed by most reasonable people as a legitimate newspaper, this could be seen as a joke. The president, who adamantly asserts he is a multi-billionaire,  paid less in federal  income tax than the $44,100 amount the court ordered him to pay for Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels legal fees.  It is more than 173 times more than the $130,000.00 Mr. Trump allegedly reimbursed his then lawyer Michael Cohen for paying Stephanie Clifford "hush money" to keep quiet about an alleged adulterous relationship.

Compounding the NY Times explosive revelation,  Mr. Trump's Justice  Department recently intervened in a defamation law suit brought against Mr. Trump by a journalist who says Mr. Trump defamed her because of the rape charge against him. The Justice Department's move to transfer the defamation suit from state court to federal court means the federal government or most specifically hard-working taxpayers would end up paying Mr. Trump's legal bills. If the suit goes forth in federal court, be assured Mr. Trump's legal bills will far exceed $750. This is no joke!  Neither was Mr. Trump's $70,000.00 tax deduction for his hair care during The Apprentice  a  Joke!

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