Then and Now

Looking through my old blogs, I saw this published February 7, 2015 titled Flu Season Is No Joke. As you read it, I think you will understand my reason for re-publishing. FYI: It was published during the time of my radio broadcast Victoriously Today mentioned in it.

Flu Season Is No Joke

For the last three weeks, I have been battling that dreaded winter malady: the flu. And though I did not always feel it, I still proclaimed victory over it although you know, if you’ve experienced it, the flu is no joke and definitely no fun.

Do pay attention to what healthcare practitioners say about getting plenty of bed rest initially, drinking plenty liquids (juices were good for me), and taking appropriate prescribed or recommended over the counter remedies if needed. I have to say, I’ve had my fill of soup for a while. As you begin to feel better, try enjoying a good book, an old movie, or begin a journal. You’ll be ready to re-engage. I’ll be praying the return of speedy and complete health for those going through this.

Gratefully I’m back. So follow me on the blogs. I have a lot to catch up on. Also tune in to Victoriously Today on Thursdays at noon EST. You can tune in on the web at

Be blessed and do take care.

Biblical Affirmation: And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace. Luke 8:48


If with THEN, flu was no joke...know NOW Covid-19 and Delta variant are definitely no joke either. In fact for more than 720,000 related deaths can attested to that. Some in that number have been in my own family and among friends and acquaintances.

In 2014, I was "too busy" to get my flu vaccine, and I paid dearly for it! That lesson was not in vain. Come 2021, my family and I were fully vaccinated early and now three have the booster. Now far be it for me to tell others what to do but...if you or someone you know desire now to get a Covid vaccine and live in or near Craven and Jones Counties, this Saturday will be a great time to get it and affirm See below

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