Now Is the Time October 7, 2020

On December 21, 2015, I filed candidacy for the State House. Though I had been in and around the political arena in some aspect or another for decades, I must admit there is a very distinct difference between working tirelessly for the candidate and working tirelessly as the candidate.  

Over the past four years, I have literally ached to comment on political and social comments, or to act in kind to actions, or to behave according to behaviors. Instead, I chose to await the venue and time to reflect. That venue and time have come. It is here and now.  So welcome to Truth's Voice, an offering of varied news, perspective, analysis and commentary.    

Whether speaking truth to power, calling out and holding accountable elected officials, combating injustice, confronting lies and ignorance, shining lights on darkness, spotlighting the incredible, encouraging health and wellness, celebrating the heroic, reverencing the reverent, or laughing at the truly comical, Truth's Voice will do so without stooping to the profane.  We fully expect guest commentators from time to time.

From time to time, I will also add an old post or more from my previous Inspirational Blogs that ran October 2014 to January 2016. I have included three this week from 2014.

Now is an excellent time for inspirational messages that are also truth messages.

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