Pass the Salt, Please

Eagerly anticipating the taste of the first bite of a juicy steak hot off the grill or the savor of the first fork of bubbling mac and cheese or delicious looking collards can be very disappointing if the first bite is bland, tasteless, and absent of salt. The first thought would likely be “Pass the salt, please!” knowing just a little salt could make an enormous difference! That’s what salt does. Good or bad, it makes a dramatic difference!

How so? My very "patient" primary physician recently chided, "Give up the (amount of) salt, Mrs. Baldwin." I understood he was chiding healthy moderation with longevity in mind. Medical practitioners frequently warn that too much salt in one’s diet can be dangerous especially if accompanied by diagnoses like hypertension or heart disease, and I totally honor that, recognizing the possible effects of excessive salt.

Thus, Salt is an interesting substance. It is also an interesting identifier of people, from sailors to disciples. Yes, disciples! During His Sermon on Mount, Christ said to disciples, “You are the salt of the earth.” It is obvious He understood the importance and the high value of salt in His day, and so He warned them if salt loses its taste it should be cast out and trampled on. In essence, be of value, make a difference, be an agent of change and not passive, bland, nor tasteless; but like salt, be dramatic, bold, and affect change.

We know a lack of good taste abounds all around in tasteless and offensive jokes and conversation and in offensive behavior. The true “Salt of the earth” is dearly needed to challenge corrosive and false assertions that say a little lie is okay if it doesn’t hurt anyone; or infidelity is fine between consenting adults; or wealth gotten by nefarious practices is free enterprise at work; or despicable and hateful words and language that demean are the constitutional right of free speech; or racial superiority is simply how God made us. The “Salt of the earth” is needed to evidence the more excellent way.

To be effective, the Salt's seasoning must be truth, wisdom, love, and integrity and its strength girdled with love, power, and a sound mind. Its flavoring comes in compassion, mercy, grace, forgiveness; and unity that invites, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.”

So as natural salts can make food taste better if used wisely, spiritual Salts can make the earth better when applying wisdom from the One who called all salts into being. It is what the world needs. So, “Pass the Salt…please!

Biblical Affirmation: Salt is good. But if it loses its salty taste, you can’t make it good again. So, don’t lose that good quality of salt you have. And live in peace with each other. Mark 9:50 (ERV)

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