What's That Knock?

Okay enough of the recent "What" posts...but for now, allow this one.

My granddaughter Kaitlyn loves trying to coax me in participating in her own unique "Knock, knock. Who's there?" challenges. I usually play along and end up laughing because although her responses are not always unique they are laughably quirky.

Life often challenges us to respond to “knock, knock.” Most common is the one at the door, but then there is the dreaded knock in the car’s engine, followed by the painful knock on the head from getting out the car and not noticing how close the head is to the door frame, and finally is the surprising knocked for loop or knocked off the feet by an unforeseen shock.

With the different types of knocks, it’s hard sometime to distinguish which is which. Consequently, we must be vigilant not to miss the knock of opportunity. From day-to-day, we are presented with opportunities. Some are not as consequential as others. In fact some should be dismissed immediately. This is why we must be alert, astute, and prepared so when that very significant opportunity comes knocking we are ready to respond to it affirmatively.

To be ready to respond wisely requires having properly worked toward mental, physical, intellectual, and spiritual preparedness. Mentally we learn to accentuate the positives in our lives rather than continuously dwelling on the negatives. We determine to embrace possibilities and seek to overcome limitations. Then we surround ourselves with people of like minds. Equally important, we remember the G-I-G--O principle. If we put garbage in, we will get garbage out; therefore, we observe practices and make choices that promote a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. We read quality and increase knowledge. Above all, we empower ourselves by establishing, maintaining, and growing an intimate relationship with God. So when that opportunity knocks that we have awaited and known in our spirit and our gut was out there, we will welcome and embrace it fully.

Knock, Knock...

Affirmation: Put them in mind to be...ready to every good work...Titus 3:1

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