Oops, What Happened to My Plans?

Before going on air with Victoriously Today, I always take a walk outside where I meditate and pray about the final plans for the broadcast. During this time with God, I commit the broadcast to Him by saying He knows who will be listening and what He wants or needs them to hear. Then I ask Him to let me be a vessel through which He speaks to those needing to hear. Yielding myself to His will, I go in and prepare to begin the broadcast.

Some weeks ago after my walk, I came in and was about three minutes away from going on air when quite by accident I deleted my entire message. After having thoroughly prepared, I was left with all my plans destroyed. I quickly called my daughter, told her what had happened, and asked her to pray. When cued to go on air, I told the listening audience what had happened and said I felt God had a reason and what I would do was talk with them as the Spirit directed. Afterward as I talked to the station manager, she told me how she had been touched by the message. God allowed me to realize so had others.

Fast forward to yesterday at church, my pastor experienced a similar situation except the message she had planned had inadvertently been left at home. Showing no sense of panic or lack of preparedness, she said she would let God lead her. Then she went to Isaiah 61, took a text titled "It Was All Worth It," and preached a dynamic sermon. So powerful was the message that multiple visitors came forward to become members while other visitors said they would be back.

What do you do when "Oops" the meticulous plans you have worked so hard to perfect are inconveniently changed or worse are suddenly and irretrievably destroyed? Let me offer a suggestion. Seek God's counsel, realizing He knows all reasons. Though we may not fully comprehend the revelation why such happens, we can be assured that if an "oops" come to our plans behind them is His ultimate plan which is always perfect and purposed for greater results than ours. Therefore what may look like a catastrophic loss can turn out to be the catalyst for extraordinary gain when put in the Master’s hand because every "oops" is not a disaster. It just may be an unforeseen blessing not yet perceived.

Affirmation: For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Jeremiah 29:11 Amplified Version

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