Week 2: October 12, 2020 

On Saturday afternoon, the president held his first public gathering, i. e., campaign rally since his Covid-19 diagnosis. What is interesting about this, you ask?  Among the obvious is the event itself.  Initially reported to host approximately 2000 attendees, the event took place  in the South Garden of the White House where just weeks earlier was the exact area where another crowd gathered which ended with numbers who attended  ended with Covid-19. (See below)


Last Saturday's event took place less than ten days after the president's diagnosis and five days after his release from the hospital in the face of the results of the previous gathering  and questionable evidence that the president is now testing negative of the virus. But, most interesting is this particular event hosted hundreds of African-American and Hispanic, represented to be supporters of law and order, i. e. the president's agenda. These are the two groups reported to have the highest and most disproportionate number of Covid-19 deaths in the nation.  Now the vile and absurd conspiracy theorists could possibly generate a narrative that these were invited as dispensable guinea pigs to test the waters.  Of course such is not credible at all. The president cares too much for people's health and wellness than put anyone at risk for the sake of  politics or winning an election. 

Week 1: October 8, 2020 

Today's snapshot of the state of the union is troubling. The debate last night was interesting and had some engaging moments and missed  opportunities. Some have speculated that a fly, yes a fly, stole the show.  More seriously, however, was concerning if not troubling. It would be discounted as absurd if not clearly heard.

Senator Kamala Harris and Vice-Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, the first woman of color on  a national ballot was not only called a communist and unlikeable but was called a "monster" by the present President of the United States. Not only that but revealed earlier today was a real and methodical plot to kidnap and ultimately assassinate the governor Michigan  More than a dozen arrests have been made of persons alleged to be a part of the plot.  During the summer, the governor was a serious candidate for Joe Biden's vice- presidential choice


Week 1: October 6, 2020 

Today's snapshot of the state of the union actually is a based on events from last week.  It is only a snapshot of today.  As we have seen recently, things can change in a matter of minutes; but before we are transfixed on the next event(s) coming. Let's see what's going on today.
COVID-19 Update
7,400,000+ Confirmed Cases
   211,000+ Deaths
Republicans Recently Tested Positive for Coronavirus
President of United States 
First Lady 
President's Campaign Manager
President's Press Secretary and two of her assistants
President's Senior Aide/Speech Writer
President's Personal Aide
President's Debate Advisor
President's Assistant
President's Valet 
President's Recent Counselor
Chairwoman of Republican National Committee
Utah Senator
Wisconsin Senator
North Carolina Senator
Plus, at last count 18 additional
(Layoffs/Furloughs September 30 - October 5)
American Airlines 19,000
United Airlines  13,000 
KPMG (Accounting) 1400