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Press Forward...And Pass the History On!















Respect our history, revere our history, and pass it to future generations.


With the many challenges, and struggles, facing Blacks today, Dr. King would likely agree with changing one two-letter word for another to change the imperative from the fierce urgency of now to the fierce urgency is now.

When the present senate minority leader was senate majority leader, he refused to allow a vote on one of President Obama's nominees for the United States Supreme Court, holding the seat for a Donald Trump pick, which allowed Trump to name three supreme court justices (!!!). It is that same senator, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), who now refuses to support a Voters' Rights bill.  His rationale, according to his exact words, is "African-Americans voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."  This isn't insensitive. This is ignorant,

T0 have said such in the face of the wide-range of voter suppression laws being passed with all unjust but deliberate speed by his party, we need to reclaim the rich ethos and the indomitable spirit that 250 years legal servitude could not suppress and must not be allowed to suppress now.


To further aggravate the present challenges, many school systems will not be observing Black History Month in 2022, having surrendered to the loud and often vulgar threats of the misinformed. We must seize the mission of the moment and use every reputable medium available as a platform to reclaim and proclaim our history  unashamedly, authentically, and respectfully to pass it forward to future generations. Truth's Voice will be true to that mission.

A Vulnerable Covid Population

Quality Time with Mom
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An October 7, 2021 Center for Disease Control press release published results titled The Hidden U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic: Orphaned Children – More than 140,000 U.S. Children Lost a Primary or Secondary Caregiver Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  One end of the year publication shows how that number has increased exponentially.

If we know any of these children who, sadly, understand these numbers or children added since these heartfelt statistics were reported June 2021, we may want to show support in a sensitive, caring, and non-intrusive way. Should you desire to be supportive and have reservation or unsure how, and surely these are legitimate concerns, speak to reputable, verified non-profits or social service agencies, or  licensed and certified  clinicians to get information.

For the sake of finding ideas that may help, several relevant articles are listed below that may be helpful in researching. However, Truth's Voice, nor anyone connected to it, does not endorse any of these site. They are provided for informational research purposes only. Some of the non-profit sites may have a donate button. Of course, you are not obligated to donate and it is in no way suggested that you do. 

Hidden Pain: The Report Children Who Lost a Parent or Caregiver to Covid

Kids Who Lost Parents to COVID Deserve Help, Advocates Say

Children, Coping With Loss, Are Pandemic’s ‘Forgotten Grievers’

10 Ways to Help Those Hit Hardest By Covid-19 in Your Community

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