Not Option...Necessity!


 October 2020 

Jonathan Daniels, 26, from Keene, NH
Andrew Goodman, 21, New York, NY
Viola Liuzzo, 39 year Detroit, MI
William Lewis Moore, 36, Binghamton, N.Y.,
James Reeb, 38, Wichita KN
Michael Schwerner, 24, New York, NY

What do these six individuals have in common?  It is not state of residence nor gender. Perhaps it might be that none is over 39. The sparse identifying factors do not readily reveal that all six were whites, not merely whites but whites who died martyrs giving their lives for a greater than themselves,  The cause: fighting in the South for Black voting rights. Each murdered by either Klansmen and/or white supremacists who were never found guilty.

Why bring this up, you may ask? 
If individuals, living lives that did not rationally require their intervention in seeking voting rights for Blacks, opted to leave home, spouse, children, profession, and future to go into harm’s way to insure rights for people they did not know nor looked like them should require something from the beneficiaries.
The depth of sacrifice these valiant individuals gave is what President Lincoln called  “the last full measure of devotion” should inspire and motivate all citizens to vote; but for us, Blacks, particularly, it should necessitate us to vote.  If our brothers and sisters, of another mother, left safer lives for our right to vote, ii should spur us to rush to the polls or to get absentee ballots and vote, no matter the obstacles to suppress or block our vote. 
The martyrdom of our white counterparts require that we recognize the depth of their sacrifice by casting our vote. As we honor them by voting, we also memorialize with honor and respect our martyr iconic brothers and sisters of the same mothers. These include Medgar Evers, Pastor George Lee,  Lamar Smith, Herbert Lee,  Jimmie Lee Jackson, James Chaney, and so many more not the least are 14 year old Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Addie Mae Collins, and 11-year-old Denise McNair, victims of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church bombing)

We encounter multiple  options daily. The career path to take is an option, so is the attire to wear on a first date, as is faith or fear. In this season of Covid-19, far too many say to wear a mask in public spaces is an option. We must realize every option has  consequences.  The wise carefully weigh consequences.


In the 2020 election, the wise will weigh consequences. It is a time wherein sacrifices for voting rights in the past are intersecting at the point of the fierce urgency of now. The wise will evaluate the situation, suspend voting as an option by elevating it to the level of necessity​.


The Beauty and Shame
of Georgia's Early Voting


    Picture from WXIA 11 Live News Atlanta, Georgia   October 12, 2020


The beauty of this picture is  what appears to reflect an obvious dedication and commitment to vote in 2020 election.  Metro Atlanta voters turned out in both huge numbers and in extraordinarily long lines the first day of early voting in Georgia. It is also obvious varied groups of voters chose to be first day voters.  WXIA footage showed acts of kindness occurring during the waiting. Some in line purchased pizza and shared with others, while some handed out bottled  water.  It was a  beauty.

Yet amid the beauty  was a  shame. In 21st century America, it is a shame to see such long lines caused by the state's limits of voting sites.  Some voters stood in line for eleven hours. This was exacerbated by what was said to have been technical "glitches" which extended  wait time even more.


It should be noted, there is a belief among some that the glitches, limited voting sites, and long lines were  officials' way of attempting to suppress the vote especially among minorities. If these were voter suppression attempts or not, voters still stood in line and eventually voted. It beauty even in shame.

On the Radar 

If you are following who will control the U. S. Senate, keep your eye on what normally is a safe republican seat but may turn out to be may a surprise win in of all places Mississippi. Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Administration is giving republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith a serious run.

In March, Hyde-Smith was at 54% to Espy 28% according to the Tyson Group poll. A poll taken in mid-September by the same group had Hyde-Smith at 41% and Espy at 40%. Other polls such as FiveThirtyEight have shown varying but similarities in Espy's closing what earlier seemed like insurmountable odds. 



Must Read 

OPINION: Black Men Must Cast Their Vote, The Stakes Are To High is a BET article by Antjhuan Seawright that makes the case why Black men must vote in the 2020 election.  It is a must read for Black men who are eligible to vote.  It should be read also by women who know Black men who have decided to sit out this election.  In truth, it should be read by all.

Antjuan Seawright is a Democratic strategist and founder/ CEO of Blueprint Strategy LLC. He is also a  CBS News  political contributor.
 Must See
The must see video is Former First Lady Michelle Obama's passionate plea to vote for Biden goes far beyond a mere campaign speech. It expresses a deep emotional imperative why the vote is an urgent plea.






Important 2020 Dates for NC Voters

October 15       First Day for Early Voting

October 27       Last Day to Request Mail-In Ballots

October 31       Last Day for Early Voting

November 3     Election Day  



How to Vote in Your State is an interactive website on all things voting sponsored by the Washington Post. It has information for each state and voting territory. Find it at

If you have doubts about  your name being on the on the registration roll, check with your board of election.


 Read and Talk 








There is a saying that goes, "What's old is new."  King Solomon, a man renowned for great wisdom, is recorded as saying, "The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9) 


Over the years, many of the students I have taught were required to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. If you are concerned about the importance of the 2020 election, I invite  you to read this very relevant book which was first published seventy-five years ago this past August. Now if you are one of those who had rather see the movie first, various versions  can be found  on the web. I usually recommended to students the animated  version, which actually adds a bit more "reality" based to the characters .


The Sign of Fall

Green. yellow, orange, gold, brown, and red are among some of the brilliant signs that fall is here. Among all the signs the turning leaves of fall, there are others still other signs of the fall of 2020 you may see.  Here is one of the signs of the fall of 2020 you may see also while out and about.






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