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A Tale of Two Countries
The Covid pandemic seems to have
bared the widening divide that has 
grown in the country. Whether the
divide is yes vaccine or no vaccine 
or yes mask or no mask, the divide 
reminds us of a  Charles Dickens'
Evangelicals, Help Me Get It
According to a Wall Street article,
white evangelicals are the highest
demographic of the unvaccinated.  
Their resistance puts them at odds
with one of their strongest allies. 
Statement of the Month:
To maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, get vaccinated as soon as you can and wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission...Center for Disease Control
In Our Own Backyard
Two accomplished North Carolina natives are having their voices heard in the national arena. Both women, possibly called  "sisters" by some, are each contributing to venues that inspire and affirm the power of a dream not deferred.
Gabrielle Carter is featured in a great  Washington Post  article on preserving heritage. Carter literally returned to the terra firma of her roots, leaving a lucrative career in the fashion industry to used among other things land and  food,  to create a community set on preserving its rich culture.
Tabitha Brown whose book, Feeding the Soul is an inspiring read of overcoming setbacks, challenges, and loss to now having a #1 book on a New York Times Best Sellers list. A  recent Time article titles her saying, "Tabitha Brown Is the Gentlest Person on the Internet"
Must Read for the Week
Which demographic group has recovered and prospered the least of all during the pandemic? Read the surprising answer and why in an October 7  Washington Post article.
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A Case for Getting a Covid Vaccine... 

During this time of hyperbolic arguments, pro and con Covid vaccine, the grief experienced by many because of lives lost is not argumentative but a very personal reality for many. 

A few days ago, a friend in the medical field shared that her three year old great grandson had recently tested positive for Covid but no one else in the family had. When asked if the child was in daycare, she said he was.


It was not difficult to conclude the toddler likely contracted the virus from someone connected in some way to daycare.


The first question is why should a three year old be exposed to or infected by a virus--and its effects--by someone in the daycare contact chain, perhaps unknowingly, when there are vaccines available and proven so far effective in fighting Covid.

The second question is the time-old biblical one, "Am I my brother's (sister’s or other's) keeper?" An answer is found in another biblical reference, the parable of the good Samaritan who chose to be gracious, selfless, and humane to one who was of different geography, culture, tribe, race and religion. In essence, the Samaritan showed himself to be his "brother's" keeper even though his "brother" was his inherent enemy.


The third question is, "Can we be so gracious, selfless, and humane to not put others at risk by exposing them to what could be a death sentence when there are at least three possible preventions available!"


Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.  Frederick Douglass